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Coaching for Season 2024-25

Coaching for Season 2024-25

James Ward7 Mar - 21:15
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Calling coaches, player-coaches, junior coaches and coaching administrators

Despite the season heading like an unstoppable Wiid flick to it's finale with many of you looking for a rest, we're already considering Season 2024-25.

In 2023-24 we've had some amazing coaches with world class qualifications, and some equally amazing volunteer coaches helping with every facet of the game, including our juniors.

For next year we know we need to bulk up on our coaching offering - 10 adult teams and 200 juniors need more coaching, that's what you've asked for, and we're going to try and deliver this but we need your help. If you are interested in being involved in our coaching setup in any way next year please take a look and let me, Dave, Ali or Sam know. Likewise if you know anyone from outside who could be, please let us know.

Player coaches, junior coaches, junior chair, head of junior coaching, head coaches for adults, top team coaches, 2/3/4/5 coaches, assistant coaches, coach administrators - we're looking to get as wider group involved as is possible (and manageable). That could include helping get qualifications for new coaches but also finding (and keeping our current crop) of experts who've done this at the top. For much of the help, you don't need to be a svengali to get involved, a love of the game, of your teammates and an enjoyment is seeing people progress is priceless.

The job description below is shortly to go live on the England Hockey website, please do come back to me, Dave, Ali or Sam by the end of April if you're keen to be involved in anyway and spread the word.

Coaching Opportunities at IHC 2024-25


Coaching Opportunities for Season 2024-25

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